Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

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This course is perfect for students who are still not decided about their future. Over three years you acquire general overview and knowledge from every field of engineering. Thanks to this experience you can make better decision about your future and choose field of your master's degree which suits you best.

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The bachelor’s study programme “Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering” is intended as the most effective way to prepare students for the study in a follow-up master’s study programme. The graduates will have a wide professional basis enabling them to continue in some branch in a two-year follow-up master’s study programme specialised in mechanical engineering.

The branch “Mechanical Engineering” provides students with wide general technical knowledge in the area of engineering. This general orientation may be an advantage for the students, because they are not focused on one field only. This will ensure better career prospects in the competitive labour market. Some prospective employers require technicians to have general education, while the specialized training will be provided in the given enterprise.

As another advantage of the general bachelor’s study programme “Mechanical Engineering” can be regarded the fact that the students can leave their options open with respect to the selection of the field of the master’s study. Most students leaving the secondary schools are not well familiarised with all possible fields in the area of engineering. They usually need to acquire particular experience to be able to choose the field of master’s study.