Mathematical Engineering

student VUT

Mathematics and computing technology? I chose both. Mathematical Engineering offers me the chance to study mathematics and informatics as well as basic engineering subjects. I appreciated that mathematics courses emphasize the applications. I would like to continue my Master’s studies in the same field.

Petra Kosova

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Mathematical Engineering is mostly designed for secondary-school graduates not yet decided whether to study mathematics and informatics or some engineering programme.

  • During the first year, students must complete the following basic courses in mathematics and informatics: calculus, linear algebra, general algebra, basics of programming, constructive and computer geometry, computer graphics and programming techniques. In the subsequent years, they will be acquainted with the most important fields of applied mathematics in the following courses: methods of discrete mathematics, functional analysis, numerical methods, partial differential equations, probability and statistics, etc.
  • In the Bachelor's degree programme, students will also manage fundamental technical disciplines such as basics of design, introduction to materials science and engineering, physics, information education and literacy, CAD, statics, technology of machining, theoretical mechanics, elasticity and strength, automation, electrical engineering and electronics, design of machines and their parts, hydromechanics, thermomechanics, etc.
  • Much attention is paid to programming, which is the reason why this field is convenient for those students interested in informatics. Programming forms the backbone of the study. It is possible to choose from a number of optional courses in the area of informatics such as programming in Delphi, programming methods, mathematical software, optimisation models, etc.

Graduates of the Mathematical Engineering Bachelor's degree programme can continue their study for a degree of Ing. in the same field of the follow-up Master's degree programme. However, they can also choose a different follow-up engineering or mathematically oriented Master's programme at BUT or a different university.