Physical Engineering and Nanotechnology

student VUT

Why IPE?
What I appreciate most about IPE (Institute of Physical Engineering) is its flexibility. You can specialize in your interests. I also like that IPE is relatively small, so you get to know many people personally and cooperation becomes more friendly. Last but not least there is a great opportunity for students interested in nanotechnology research in CEITEC, which makes Brno even more worth visiting.

Vít Hertl

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The specialization "Physical Engineering and Nanotechnology" is concentrated on the background of the engineering education: The curriculum form courses of technological disciplines and extended courses of mathematical and physical disciplines, which are preconditions for the professional flexibility of the graduates. The students acquire skill at applying physical principles in developing new measuring instruments and technological devices and at bringing out advanced technologies.


  • The first one consists of mathematical and physical disciplines needed for an active work in physical engineering.
  • The second one involves the disciplines forming the background of mechanical engineering which enable the graduate to work as a designer.
  • The third group consists of various disciplines of engineering optics and of physical technologies.

The absolvent of this study program obtains an education that allows him/her a further study on the fields of applied physics, metrology or material and technical sciences. Moreover, he/she will be able to apply his/her knowledge directly in the technical fields where expertise in physics and mathematics are required. The subject of the study program consist of the basic subjects of the mechanical engineering course extended by lessons devoted to physics, physical practice and mathematical modelling of different physical phenomenon in engineering task.

Students can evolve and practice their knowledge by participation on solution of scientific and engineering problems addressed in the frame of cooperation with different research institutes and companies.