Master's degree programme M2E

Branch: Industrial Engineering

Academic year: 2017/18

Guarantor: doc. Ing. Josef Chladil, CSc.


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Learning outcomes and competences

Industrial Engineering (Double Degree) is a Master’s Study Programme following a bachelor’s study programme and is suitable for alumni of the bachelor’s study programme "Engineering", B-STI Mechanical Engineering. It is concerned with advanced manufacturing processes for hi-tech applications like aircraft production or defence industry. Graduates will know the theory of machining, designing of production systems and manufacturing routines, industrial robotics, automatization of industrial production and selected subjects of aeronautical engineering. Several practice placements in Czech or French production companies as assistants of production engineers must pass successfully.

Entry requirements

Completed Bachelor's study in the field of engineering science and successfully passed entrance examination (if not remitted by the dean).

The most important condition for the enrolment is a successful study of the previous bachelor’s study programme "Engineering", B-STI Mechanical Engineering or an equivalent type of study at ARTS & METIERS ParisTech (ENSAM), or a proving of comparable knowledge at entry university commission. That study programme should embrace a sufficient extent of mathematics, physics, mechanics, material engineering, etc. comparable with B-STI Mechanical Engineering in BUT FME in Brno with another necessary condition – successful study of the final year of the bachelor’s programme at ARTS & METIERS ParisTech, Centre Cluny. Furthermore, appropriate knowledge of the Czech or French language at level B1 of European Reference Frame for Languages should be proved (UNIcert 1 or an equivalent degree).

Career prospects

On the base of highest quality of theoretical multi-disciplinary and technologically oriented teaching the elite quality of adaptability is guaranteed for all kinds of industrial problems in the field of manufacturing and aeronautical production. The unique study conception gives to the engineers very wide competences in international technological and expert teams for business and development, with ideal advantage of the knowledge of collaboration and life in advanced industrial and cultural countries (France, Czech Republic).

Advanced courses

Naturally, the Double-Degree engineers are offered to continue their studies with excellent advantage in many doctoral study programmes, like:

  • D-STG Manufacturing Technology – at BUT FME,
  • „Professional Sciences in Engineering“ ENSAM or many French universities in the field

Study stays abroad, international cooperation

Students will participate in several special stays in Czech or French companies like assistants of production engineers. Substantial part of the study in placed in France.

Special offer

If a student reaches excellent study results in the period of study at ARTS & METIERS ParisTech, he is encouraged to study a year in any university on over the world according his selection.

Study adviser:

prof. Ing. Miroslav Píška, CSc., tel: (+420) 541 142 555, e-mail: