Master's degree programme M2A

Branch: Mechatronics

Academic year: 2017/18

Guarantor: doc. Ing. Robert Grepl, Ph.D.


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Characteristics of the branch

Student of the course Mechatronics will occupy him/herself with the behaviour and properties of mechatronic systems, whose structure consists of mechanical and electronic elements and their behaviour exhibit certain degree of artificial intelligence.
Mechatronics presents a synergetic integration of precise mechanics, electro engineering and electronics with an intelligent computer control. That makes the mechatronics very attractive, because one can hardly find any product and/or technical system in the up-to-date engineering, which would not include both corner stone electromechanical (hydraulical, pneumatical, etc.) structure and electronic control unit. These complex technical systems are from the very beginning designed as an interactive ensemble which gives rise to the so called synergetic effect. As a result, final product exhibits better properties than mere combinations of single subsystems of a different type.
Teaching courses on Mechatronics, as a self-contained engineering discipline fostered at the Brno University of Technology, are covered by the Institutes of Solid Mechanics and Automation and Comuter Science, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) in collaboration with the Department of Power Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communications (FEEC). Thus, there is an inter-faculty study where lectures are delivered by experts from several departments of FME and FEEC. Computer rooms and labs of both Faculties stand on disposal. Moreover, within the structure of the Institute of Solid Mechanics one can find affiliations of prominent European firms HBO and Brüel&Kjaer Vibro; hence this provides an opportunity for undergraduates and graduates as well to acquaint with the latest testing and laboratory equipments and software products used for processing of measurement data.

Learning outcomes and competences

Aim of the study is to gain advanced interdisciplinary knowledge of mechanics, electronics and computer science, and the ability of their creative application to design of mechatronic systems Besides theory, the study is concentrated to experimental verification of acquired knowledge in laboratories, stressing the ability of teamwork and practical application of theory to real problems.. Our goal is to pass on to our students a solid theoretical basis together with practical experience in the area of Mechatronics.

Entry requirements

Admission requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in B-MET Mechatronics or B-STI Mechanical Engineering gained at FME, or in another branch with corresponding course structure gained at another faculty or school
  • successfully completed written part of the entrance examination (if not remitted by the dean)
  • very good results in Bachelor’s study, especially in the field of Mechanics (Statics, Kinematics, Dynamics, Electronics, Industrial electronics)
  • strong study motivation proved by the previous study or other creative results

Career prospects

Career prospects of our students are versatile thanks to broad scientific basis of mechatronics. Our graduates work in both mechanical and electro engineering companies and the demand for their interdisciplinary qualification still grows. Last but not least, the system approach applied to problem solution in mechatronics now increasingly boosts in economics, biomedicine and business.

Advanced courses

There is also the possibility to follow up in the subsequent PhD program, with a prospect to scientific or academic career.

Study stays abroad, international cooperation

Our students take part in the SOCRATES/ERASMUS exchange program according to bilateral agreements with the following institutions:
Germany: TU Darmstadt -  FB Mechanik, TU Chemnitz, Fachhochschule Merseburg, Poland: Warsaw Polytechnic, Faculty of Mechatronics, Faculty of Mech.Eng., ATR Bydgoszcz, Dennmark: University College of Aarhus, Ireland: Dublin City University, School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Eng., Portugal: Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, Malta: The University of Malta.

Special offer

Master’s degree Study Programme of the study branch Mechatronics offers:

  • to acquire knowledge from the field of mechanics, electro engineering, electronics and computer science;
  • to acquaint with modern engineering support products used in pertinent scientific fields and with control algorithms based upon the methods of artificial intelligence as well;
  • PhD studies within the appropriate Doctoral study Programmes organised at FME or FEEC;
  • study stays abroad during master and doctoral studies as well;
  • higher job opportunity, since mechatronic engineers can work in both mechanical engineering oriented companies and electro engineering oriented companies. Last but not least note that ”the mechatronic approach” to the solution of problems increasingly boosts in economics, biomedicine and business.

Study adviser:

doc. Ing. Robert Grepl, Ph.D., tel: (+420) 541 142 853, e-mail: