Programming in Delphi (FSI-0PD)

Academic year 2017/2018
Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Miloslav Druckmüller, CSc.  
Supervising institute: ÚM all courses guaranted by this institute
Teaching language: Czech
Aims of the course unit:
The goal of this subject is to deepen the knowledge in programming techniques especially in mathematical applications.
Learning outcomes and competences:
Programming in Pascal language, object oriented programming, creation of application, data file processing
Pascal programming language basic knowledge
Course contents:
The main goal of this subject make students acquainted with programming techniques in Delphi 7 environment especially with object oriented programming and manipulating with data files.
Teaching methods and criteria:
The course is taught through exercises which are focused on practical topics presented in lectures.
Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes:
Course-unit credit - based on application creation
Controlled participation in lessons:
Missed lessons can be compensated for via a written test.
Type of course unit:
    Seminars in computer labs  13 × 3 hrs. compulsory                  
Course curriculum:
    Seminars in computer labs 1. Recapitulate of the Pascal principles
2. Object oriented programming
3. Files using
4. Forms using
5. DELPHI components
6. Dynamic variables
7. Component Image
8. Working with text file
- development of the Delphi project
9. Component instalation
- Delphi project development
10. Using of the InstallShield
- Delphi project development
11. DLL Instalation
- Delphi project development
12. Other application runing
13. Delphi project finishing
Literature - fundamental:
1. Martišek, D.: Algoritmizace a programování v Delphi, Littera, Brno 2007, p. 232
The study programmes with the given course:
Programme Study form Branch Spec. Final classification   Course-unit credits     Obligation     Level     Year     Semester  
B3A-P full-time study B-MAI Mathematical Engineering -- Ac 2 Optional (voluntary) 1 1 W
B3A-P full-time study B-FIN Physical Engineering and Nanotechnology -- Ac 0 Optional (voluntary) 1 1 W