Doctoral study programmes

academic year 2017/18

The objective of the doctoral study programme is to prepare highly qualified specialists for scientific work in a given field. The study is therefore focused on acquiring the theoretical foundations of the entire field and on a detailed familiarization with the most important knowledge in a narrower specialization regarding the topic of the dissertation. The study is concerned with the preparation for scientific work in the selected field. The level of acquired knowledge is presented at the state doctoral examination. The ability to achieve original scientific results is demonstrated by working out and defending a dissertation.

The form of the doctoral study programmes is a full-time study (the student is awarded a scholarship) or a combined study (extramural studies). The full-time study usually takes 4 years, the combined one 5 years. After a successful defence of the dissertation, the graduate is awarded the academic degree of “doctor“ (abbreviated to Ph.D. and used after the name).

Current information for students in the doctoral study can be fount in the part “Information & Rules (DS)“.

Foreigners interested in the doctoral study programme can study all programmes in English. Tuition fee is 3000 EUR per academic year.

The following doctoral study programmes are opened at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (click title for details):