Welcome to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering!

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is one of the faculties of the Brno University of Technology located in the campus Pod Palackého vrchem. In the same area you can find dormitories, refectories, sports facilities and the Czech Technology Park.

Top professionals from modern as well as traditional fields of mechanical engineering, applied sciences and applied arts work at the faculty's specialised institutes and laboratories. The faculty therefore provides opportunities for students with different interests, who want to learn new things and be engaged in creative work of a high standard. Within the research, development and pedagogical activities the faculty cooperates with well-established industrial enterprises and foreign universities, where the best students can complete part of their studies and where graduates find career prospects.

Fields of Study

The faculty offers the Master's degree programme in 21 basic branches. Students in each branch can specialise by selecting optional courses and the Master's thesis topic. The Bachelor's degree programme includes 11 basic branches.

Who can Apply for the Study at the Faculty:

  • Graduates of secondary schools can apply for a three-year Bachelor's degree programme that leads to a Bachelor's degree (abbreviated as Bc.).
  • Graduates of Bachelor's degree programmes from universities can apply for a two-year follow-up Master's degree programme that leads to a Master's degree (abbreviated as Ing.).
  • Graduates of Master's degree programmes can apply for a Doctoral study programme leading to a Doctoral degree (abbreviated as Ph.D.).