List of Study Branches in Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes in the English Language of Instructions

The table provides an overview of branches within the Bachelor's degree programme and the related ones within the follow-up Master's degree programme. In the academic year 2018/2019, only the emphasized branches can be studied in a full-time mode of study in the English language. There should be a minimum of eight students to open a branch within the respective Bachelor's or Master's Degree Programme for the study in the English language.

academic title: Bc.academic title: Ing.
length: 3 yearslength: 2 years
branches appointed for further study:
Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering (G)
Production Technology (DD)
Applied Computer Science and Control
Automotive and Material Handling Engineering
Power Engineering
Fluid Engineering
Engineering Mechanics and Biomechanics
Mechanical Engineering Design
Quality, Reliability and Safety
Aeronautical Traffic
Materials Engineering
Process Engineering
Precise Mechanics and Optics
Design of Product Machines and Equipment
Foundry Technology
Industrial Engineering (DD)
Production Systems (DD)
Production of Automotive and Technical Lights
Manufacturing Technology
Manufacturing Technology and Management in Industry
Aircraft Design
Environmental Engineering
Materials Engineering (A) Materials Engineering
Industrial Design (A) Industrial Design
Physical Engineering and Nanotechnology (A) Physical Engineering and Nanotechnology
Mathematical Engineering (A) Mathematical Engineering
Mechatronics (A) Mechatronics
Quality, Reliability and Safety  Quality, Reliability and Safety
branches appointed for profession:
Applied Computer Science and Control (P) Applied Computer Science and Control (B)
Power Engineering, Processes and Environment (P) Power Engineering (B)
Fluid Engineering (B)
Process Engineering (B)
Environmental Engineering (B)
Professional Pilot (P) Aeronautical Traffic (B)
Machine and Equipment Construction (P) Automotive and Material Handling Engineering (B)
Design of Product Machines and Equipment (B)
Manufacturing Technology (P) Foundry Technology (B)
Manufacturing Technology (B)
Manufacturing Technology and Management in Industry (B)
(B)version of the study plan for graduates of the relevant professional branch of the Bachelor's degree programme.
(DD)Branch of master's study programme with Double-diploma
For another combinations of Bachelor's and Master's study branches the additional conditions must be fullfilled according to the Dean's regulations on the admission procedure.